Heavy Labor

Heavy Labor

Job Description

To pack, shake, tie and stack 25-75lb. bags or cartons.

Pack 10-20 lb. bags of product into master bags or cartons. Shake, tie and stack 25-75lb. bags or cartons onto pallet.  Assure correct label and amount in master bag or carton.  Assure straight and secure stack on pallet. Wash down equipment using hoses, brushes and shovels. Perform general clean-up of facility and grounds. Perform other tasks as assigned by lead or supervisor.

Must be able to work in cold temperatures and wet environment. Continuous use of both hands; including grasping, pulling and pushing. Sight, hearing, lifting, standing, climbing, stairways, walking on even and uneven surfaces, bending, twisting, reaching forward, reaching overhead, reaching below shoulder, wrist turning, neck turning.
Able to safely and efficiently lift and stack 25-75lb. bags or cartons of product. Must be able to read, identify and count packages to ensure proper palletization of cartons and master bags. Ability to understand and follow food safety requirements. Must be able to perform sanitation and cleaning tasks and duties as assigned. Must pass physical and functional capacity evaluation. Must comply with equipment specific safety policies, including proper PPE use and properly apply lock out tag out procedures as instructed.

Rate of Pay

$15+ an hour