Job Description


To perform welding tasks as directed by supervisor.


Employee must pass demonstrate a working knowledge of all aspects of the welding tasks given by supervisor. Employee must begin to learn or know the basics of welding stainless steel, mild steel and begin building skills in the use of the Plasma arc, Arc welder, Mig welder and Tig Welder. Employee will help other maintenance personnel fabricate and install systems and devices to improve the facility. Employee must be willing and able to be trained to fill the role of a first responder on the shift that they are assigned in the event of an emergency. Employee must have the ability to rebuild equipment and machinery as directed. Employee will fill out logs and maintenance records as directed.


Continuous use of both hands, including grasping, pulling and pushing; use of sight, hearing; walking and balancing on even and uneven surfaces; standing, bending, twisting, stooping, kneeling, climbing, reaching forward, reaching overhead and below the shoulder; capable of working in hot and cold environments (working temperatures as hot as 100° to 105° F and as cold as -20° F to 32° F); must be able to work in a high noise area. Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds.


Must have a minimum of one year experience as maintenance worker. Must have general computer knowledge (Microsoft Windows). Must be able to demonstrate friendly and productive attitude in a highly intensive work environment, and show a willingness to support all Production activities, as required. Must have good attendance and safety record. Must understand and comply with all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Must pass Quality Control GMP testing. Must understand and comply with all company safety policies including lock-out/tag-out procedures and policies. Must be trainable in all aspects of safety as it pertains to the maintenance and repair of dangerous, and potentially dangerous, machinery. Must be able to read and understand written information in English. Must demonstrate willingness to learn new skills and techniques.

Rate of Pay
$16.00 or DOE