About Us

Who we are

The People Behind ReadyWork

President and CEO, Ashley and Ronnie Torres, are California natives who live in Bakersfield. They have dedicated their efforts to build a company that puts people in the right situation to succeed.

Both raised in an agricultural background in New Cuyama California, they understand the need for companies to connect themselves with talented people. They each share the passion to help people get started with businesses that are looking for skilled, professional, and driven individuals.

We closely work with each business to determine their needs and find the best candidate. To further assist our clients, we have the resources to improve safety awareness, job performance, and communication skills to increase work production.
We, at ReadyWork, have one mindset. Placing people first. To introduce people to companies and get them connected. Ready. Set. Work!

We recruit, hire and place individuals in highly respected businesses across the country.

ReadyWork began in 2018 with a vision, to help people get back to work. We believe there is a duty to inspire and support our local families in the community. By helping people get connected, we believe we are making positive changes in our industry.

ReadyWork was founded by Ronnie and Ashley Torres. They share similar backgrounds in agriculture and ancestry. Both are first-generation Mexican-Americans who grew up in the agricultural town of New Cuyama.

Here at ReadyWork, we all share the same passion and commitment toward teamwork and togetherness. We want to introduce people to companies and get them connected. Ready to get started? Reach out, we would love to hear from you!